Water Depletion: USA

Whether it's in the news or not, aquifer and fossil-aquifer depletion is an immediate concern across much of the United States. Southwestern cities like Santa Fe and Las Vegas are dangerously close to extinguishing their natural water supplies; areas of Houston are sinking; El Paso's aquifer system is taking on salinated water ... just to name a few.

Numerous regions of the United States are straining deep water resources past the point of replenishment. Every year, the US grain belt becomes more vulnerable to long term drought. And, What would that mean? Americans seem to be using more water - not less, even as population grows and lifestyle standards increase. The time to use intelligent technology and solve these problems is now. Once "fossil aquifers" become empty (or polluted), they'll require thousands of years to recharge. It's not just our grandchildren who are in jeopardy... (Lester Brown, Earth-Policy.org)

Lot's of room for easy and rewarding improvement, though! Take for example, New York City. In 2003, the average New Yorker used 136.6 gallons of water -- every day, despite drought rationing in 1989, 1991, 1995 & 2002 (including a Stage III emergency in 1989). Meanwhile, the average American uses about 80 gallons of water per day. C'mon New Yorkers~ No rocket science required! GoodCommonSense efficiency products cut that total use down to as little as 30 gallons per person, per day -- without sacrifices. There are lots of water-saving strategies to be had.

GoodCommonSense features simple and pleasurable solutions: luxury showering, healthier water quality, easy to install conservation products and more. And this isn't just for New Yorkers. Reduce water waste and upgrade your "experience," GoodCommonSense.

We guarantee, any person who spends spend $40 on water efficiency products in our store will save 7300 gallons of water per year (per person). That means tons of money over the long term -- and a BIG difference for the environment.

Save the Planet, Save Money, Take Great Showers. Utilize technology and know-how to solve today's environmental issues, build a more abundant world, and live in balance: GoodCommonSense.

What is a "Fossil Aquifer"What is a "Fossil Aquifer"

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