1st Annual UT Sustainable Business Summit

We're very proud of the work that's been done by Nicole Roberts and a small group of leading post and undergrad students at The University of Texas McCombs School of Business.

After conceiving the initial idea, presenting it to student members of NetImpact (UT Chapter), and participating in the early development phases of the conference - we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

The students have created a gathering worthy of national participation. "Illuminating Green Business" stands as the University's first large scale event wherein participants will consider the verity of Green Business Opportunities and Sustainable Capitalism.

Notable participants include:
  • Jeff Renaud (Director, Ecomagination, General Electric)
  • Lee Matecko (Global Vice President, Store Development, Whole Foods Market)
  • Cindy Hoots (Senior Specialist, Corporate Social Responsibility, Starbucks)
  • Greg Trimble (Sr. Director, Global Energy Development, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.)
  • Todd Franke (Senior Architect, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.)
  • Tom Cooper (Manager, Corporate Water Programs, Intel Corporation)
  • Tod Arbogast (Director, Sustainable Business, Dell)
  • Umberto Torresan (Global Marketing Manager, Dow Chemical Company)
  • Cuthbert Roberts (Business Director of Energy and Climate Change, Dow Chemical Company)
  • Roseann Casey (Acting Vice President, Environmental Affairs, citibank)
  • Jennifer V. Orgolini (Sustainability Director, Board of Directors, Compass, New Belgium Brewery)
  • Helen Brauner (Director of Marketing, Green Mountain Energy Company)
  • Esteemed members of UT McCombs Staff and UT Research Departments

    Other onsite participants include product representatives for: InterfaceFLOR, The New York Times, Shell, Starbucks Coffee, and Ten Thousand Villages.

    Thank you Nicole, for leading this project into fruition. And thanks to Fred Wu, Chris Jensen, Abbey Adge, Andy Karnoven, and many others for their work bringing in things together. Extra special thanks to Ms. Michele Hallahan for helping develop and steward the seed idea. See you at the Summit!

    The UT Sustainable Business Summit takes place Friday, Jan. 25 from 7p to 11p, and Saturday Jan. 26 from 8a to 9p.

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