Ultra-Air Fresh 80 Air Supply Vent

The Ultra-Air Fresh 80 Air Supply Vent is loaded with great features to help improve and maintain indoor air quality, while allowing continuous controlled airflow. Unlike many ventilation systems, our unit is “draft free”. Drafts invariably lead to increased moisture levels which an cause condensation and mold. The Ultra-Air Fresh 80 Air Supply Vent comes with an easy to remove, reusable, dust & insect filter. It is easy to calibrate the air flow level, and you can open or close off the airflow simply by pulling the operating cord. Even by someone in a wheelchair or bed! The unit is fully insulated to prevent condensation and reduce outside noise! Also very easy to install through a 3 ¼” circular opening in walls 4”- 8” thick. Can also be adjusted at the factory for walls in excess of 8”. Please see links at the bottom of this page for the 4 ⅛" diameter Ultra-Air Fresh 100.

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Green Power Features
  • Easy open/close mechanism
  • Condensation protected
  • Reusable Dust and Insect Filters
  • Adapted for use by handicapped persons
  • Handles fresh air needs of up to a 270 sq ft room

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