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This Tyz-All 50x80 White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kit is a low-cost way to reduce cold air infiltration around windows throughout the harsh months of winter. The kit utilizes a plastic spline and channel system to create a seal in front of the window. Enjoy greater comfort and save money by sealing out cold and sealing in warmth!! Helps shut out noise, too! View from the window is crystal clear. All component parts & instructions included. Please see links at the bottom of this page for Tyz-All kits to fit other window sizes & to explore more energy-saving solutions!

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Our Tyz-All White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kits are so easy to install! Just attach the self-adhesive white plastic channels around the frame of the window. Then spread the 4 mils clear vinyl sheet across the face of the window. Next, secure the clear vinyl sheet with the thin plastic strips (the "spline") that lock into the channels. The plastic spline and channels can be cut to size with a utility knife. Trim any excess clear 4 mil vinyl with scissors. If well maintained, your Tyz-All White Plastic Interior Storm Window Kits can be reused year after year. Simply Wonderful!

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