Chain & Parts Lube - Non-Aerosol Soy Metal Lubricant

Biokleen Chain & Parts Lube SL-100 - Naturally Protects, Cleans & Lubricates. Anyone who has used products like 3-In-One® Oil or WD-40® spray lubricant knows they reek of petroleum. The fumes alone can make you feel ill. Getting them on skin often makes you feel ill too! They have a negative impact on the environment. And they damage and deplete the ozone layer! Now there is finally a safe, effective non-aerosol healthy alternative. Chain & Parts Lube SL-100 is a bio-based formulation containing soybean oil and other renewable resource ingredients. Now you can enjoy superior performance and longer lasting protection without the negative impact of petroleum based lubricants.Comes in a 4oz squeeze bottle and a 5 gallon pail. Please see link at the bottom of this page for more alternative solutions.

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Green Power Features
  • Halts Squeaks & Loosens Stuck Parts
  • Inhibits Rust & Corrosion
  • Seals & Dries Out Moisture

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    Biokleen Chain & Parts Lube SL-100, 4oz BOK0099$4.69, 2/$8.89, 6/$25.39, 12/$48.00

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