Biokleen Soy Cream Cleaner - Shine & Protect Without Scratching

Biokleen Soy Cream Cleaner contains soy bean oil extract and natural volcanic perlite to clean, shine & protect without scratching. Also contains grapefruit seed extract, a natural disinfectant and fungicide. Perfect for all your kitchen surfaces. Non-ozone depleting. Non-polluting to air, water and soil; safe and non-toxic to all animals, birds, fish, reptiles and humans. Made from 100% renewable resources; all 100% biodegradable! Also available in a 5 gallon size. Please see Link below.

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Soybean oil extract, surfactants from coconut and/or corn, xanthan gum, zeolite, low pH silicate, linear sulfonate, essential oils from mint, less than 0.2% environmentally-friendly polymer, natural volcanic perlite, filtered water

Green Power Points
> Gentle to skin
> 99% VOC Free & Ozone Safe
> Natural Volcanic Perlite and Lime Peel Extracts
> Cleans, shines and protects without scratching

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