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General Notes On Programmable Thermostats
These units can save you as much as 30% off your total heating and cooling costs year round (your #1 energy expense). Programmable thermostats can help you pay less, breathe cleaner air and be more comfortable. They can also raise the value of your home. Depending on the unit you choose, professional installation can be a very good idea and is recommended.

The Wonderful World Of Programmable Thermostats

Choosing a programmable thermostat can be confusing - so many variations, applications and possibilities. Consulting a professional to determine your exact needs can be a very good idea. We sell two types:

1) "Line Voltage Thermostats" (such as the 101D) are usually for Baseboard and Radiant Heating Systems, only. They are not suitable for power mixed systems.

2) "Low Voltage Thermostats" (such as the 141 HC-28) are usually for Furnaces, Boilers, and mixed Heating & Cooling Systems. On the other hand, these types of thermostats won't function well with radiant heating systems, such as baseboards and convectors.

A Few Great Reason To Use Programmable Thermostats

1) You can save about $100 per year, on average 2) You enjoy total temperature control and flexibility 3) No mercury 4) Keep thousands of pounds of pollution out of our air every year 5) Improve your home or property's value 6) Increase your comfort, year round

Thermostats - Programmable & Wi-Fi, Too
Thermostats - Programmable & Wi-Fi, Too

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