Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel -
At 1,000 ppm It's One of the BEST 
Antimicrobial Solutions We’ve Found!

Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel 1000 ppm, 8.8 oz has been shown to relieve the symptoms of a wide range of skin conditions. Even when nothing else helped, which was the case with one of our co-workers here at the Good Common Sense Store. Colloidal silver, or silver particles suspended in liquid, has been used as a potent antimicrobial agent for perhaps centuries. We think Silver Well works better because it’s so much more concentrated. Most other silver gels and creams commonly available are from 30 ppm to 100 ppm. Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel is guaranteed to be 1000 ppm; perhaps the strongest colloidal silver gel available!

The rich grey color is due entirely to the high silver content. Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel is cooling, soothing, totally non-greasy; and absorbs and dries quickly. Why not give it a try and see for yourself? Made In Australia. For more extraordinary Personal Wellness solutions please see links at the bottom of this page.

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The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel 1000 ppm as a medicine for relief from the symptoms of mild psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, medically diagnosed shingles, heat rash, burns, fungal infections, allergies, cuts, bites, scratches, itches and more. Here in the USA doctors regularly use Colloidal Silver compounds to treat wounds, skin infections, and conditions such as ringworms. Our own FDA, however, ruled in late 1999 that no such claims may be made here in the USA by any person or company selling Colloidal Silver. This ruling remains the law to this day.

Silver Well Colloidal Silver Gel is a Homeopathic product. Ingredients: Purified Water, Pure Silver 1000 ppm, Carbomer Gel, Mica

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