Our SeaBright Smart Mouse Trap Is Humane!

The SeaBright Smart Mouse Trap is a great solution if you don't wish to kill animals but need a quick and effective way to control the mice who have invaded your space! This humane trap gives them a second chance. It's also a great alternative to poison or cruel glue and snap traps. Makes a great gift for all of us animal lovers! Please see links below for more green pest control solutions.

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How it Works
All you need is a square cracker and some peanut butter. Mice quickly find the trap and readily enter the open compartment attracted by the treat you've provided. Sensing the weight of even the smallest mouse, the spring door snaps shut. It's not uncommon to catch two mice at a time. Release is easy and involves no contact between you and the critter(s)! Just set the trap outside in a brushy area and open the patented "freedom door". Mice escape on their own after a few moments.

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