ReBinder Replacement Covers - 1/2" & 1"

ReBinder Replacement Covers, order by the case. Takes less than 5 minutes to ReCover your binders, saving money and environment! Each case contains 5 pieces.

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  • 1/2" Covers are made of flexible chipboard.
  • 1" Covers are made of rigid, corrugated cardboard.
  • Link below shows "HOW TO" RePlace your covers.

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    RePlacement Covers are constructed of 35-38% Post Consumer fibers. ReUsing your steel bindings keeps trash out of the landfill and saves you money. Within a few minutes, you can lessen pollution, save public money, keep public water, air & soil cleaner, & slow deforestation. Good job!

    Cases cannot ship for free. We will contact you for confirmation in the event that we need to add S&H charges. Contact us anytime with questions: (512) 524-0068.

    ReBinder Replacement Covers - 1/2" & 1" RBR$11.95cover-size: 

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