RCD Duct Sealant Butyl-Foil Tape - 3"X100'

RCD Duct Sealant Butyl-Foil Tape - 3"X100' is a waterproofing repair tape used for indoor or outdoor sealing of low, medium & high pressure HVAC duct systems (includes: metal duct, fiberglass duct and flexible duct systems). It seals cracks and seams in gutters, roof alleys, eaves, hips and ridges. Seal around chimneys and vent stacks; rooftop duct systems; and leaks in vans, cars and trucks. Also used for mobile home repair. Repair gouges, rips, tears in metal panels of trailers, shipping containers and metal buildings. Use duct mastic to mend poorly sealed connections; improve indoor air quality (since fewer pollutants circulating); lower utility bills; and burn less fossil fuels. Roll is 3 inches wide by 100 feet long. Please see links below for more adhesive tapes & other energy saving solutions!

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Features and Benefits
  • Alternative to mastic
  • UL 181 B-FX Listed
  • Backing: 2 mil soft alum,
  • Adhesive: 15 mil butyl
  • Meets all SMACNA pressure and sealing classes

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