Perma-Guard Household Insecticide D-20 - 5oz

Perma-Guard Household Insecticide D-20 (5 oz size) is your best value non toxic insecticide available today. It will not harm pets, animals, or children, and its concentrated action covers lots of territory. For control of roaches, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, flies, fleas, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, and many others, Perma-Guard Household is licensed to be used in and around the home, yard, animal housing, etc. Apply as a dry dust or mix with water to spray as a liquid. Also available in 2lb and 30 lb bag sizes. We've got Dusters & Applicators, too! Please see links at the bottom of this page.

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Natural Ingredients: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (ground fossilized shells of one cell plants called Diatoms), Natural Pyrethrins (a vegetable extract from a variety of Chrysanthemum flower known as the African daisy) and Piperonyl Butoxide (an extract of the Sassafras plant that acts as a synergist to increase the time pyrethrins stay active when exposed to sunlight)

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Perma-Guard Household Insecticide D-20, 5oz PGH0512$11.95

Perma-Guard Household Insecticide D-20Perma-Guard Household Insecticide D-20
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