Perma-Guard Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour® - 5 lb bag

Perma-Guard's Fossil Shell Flour® is a very pure form of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), commonly referred to as "Food Grade" and used as an anti-caking feed additive for bird seed or animal feed. It is especially beneficial to "sweet feeds" containing sticky substances like molasses or feed used and stored in areas of high humidity causing it to clump. Fossil Shell Flour® used as an anti-caking agent improves the flow of sticky feeds by coating each particle. Its ability to absorb excess moisture also helps prevent feed from molding in high humidity conditions. Also available in 1 lb, 2 lb, 10 lb and 50 lb bag sizes. We've got Dusters & Applicators, too! Please see links below.

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Perma-Guard Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour®, 5 lb bag PGDE05$14.95, 2/$28.40, 4/$53.96

Perma-Guard Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour®Perma-Guard Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour®
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