About Perma-Guard Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a fossilized deposit of microscopic shells formed by one-celled plants called Diatoms. These plants inhabit all the waters of the earth, and serve as the basic food for aquatic life, just as grass is the basic food for land animals.

The Diatomaceous Earth (DE) packaged under our Fossil Shell Flour® label comes from a pure fresh water deposit of fossilized Aulacoseira diatoms created in the Miocene epoch. Why is this diatom so special? Because the shell is amorphous silica in its natural occurring state. Silica is a trace mineral every mammal on Earth needs to live. Fresh water deposits like ours provide a consistent diatom presence and high level of purity. The hard fossilized shells have maintained their tubular shape and strength which is critical to its effectiveness. Fresh water deposits of DE are confined to water runoff from the surrounding environment. Ours contains 89% - 92% amorphous silica and was formed in the mountains during a time when snow was pure and fed crystal clear lakes and springs. Salt water deposits, on the other hand, contain mixed types of diatoms in a variety of different shapes. Their fossilized shells are fragile and break easily, which renders them ineffective for our purposes. Salt water deposits are also less predictable in their sediments due to their open environment.

Perma-Guard DE contains less than one half of 1% crystalline silica and is considered GRAS (generally regarded as safe). Fossil Shell Flour® is OMRI Listed® and certified Kosher. Please check out the link below for complete details, pricing & availability!

Perma-Guard Natural Insect Control - Household, Fire Ant, Garden, Pet & Commercial
Perma-Guard Natural Insect Control - Household, Fire Ant, Garden, Pet & Commercial

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