Perma-Guard Fire Ant Natural Insecticide D-20 - 2lb bag

Perma-Guard Fire Ant Insecticide D-20 is 100% natural and is a safe and effective way to completely rid your home and property of any fire ant infestation. There are many ways to apply the product, but simply dusting the mound and surrounding area usually does the job. A single treatment can last up to 3 months before it biodegrades. By diligently dusting every mound that pops up, you can condition Queens to look for fertile ground elsewhere when searching for locations to begin new colonies. Safe enough to use indoors too, whenever you find the need. Currently also available in a 30 lb bag size. We've got Dusters & Applicators, too! Please see links below.

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Natural Ingredients: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (ground fossilized shells of one cell plants called Diatoms), Natural Pyrethrins (a vegetable extract from a variety of Chrysanthemum flower known as the African daisy) and Piperonyl Butoxide (an extract of the Sassafras plant that acts as a synergist to increase the time pyrethrins stay active when exposed to sunlight)

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Perma-Guard Natural Fire Ant ControlPerma-Guard Natural Fire Ant Control
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