ECOS Orange Plus Floor Cleaner Concentrate 1:128 - gallon

ECOS Orange Plus Floor Cleaner 1:128, gallon - This highly concentrated, heavy-duty floor cleaner cleans, degreases and deodorizers floors with the power of oranges. One gallon can actually make as much as 128 gallons of RTU general purpose cleaner! Yes! That's the equivalent of well over TWO 55 gallon drums!! Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other high-traffic industrial settings. Works extremely well in floor scrubbing machines, too! Leaves floors clean, fresh and residue free. Use a 1:128 dilution for general floor cleaning. Use a 1:64 dilution for heavy-duty floor cleaning or a 1:32 dilution for floors with excessive amounts of grease. Non-toxic, readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made of sustainable, plant-based ingredients. Product is free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, grey water and septic safe. Concentrate recognized the USDA’s Biopreferred Program. Also available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Please see links below.

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