Green Building & Renovation Stuff

So you've decided to build or renovate the "Green Way". When it comes to the environment and reducing the devastating effects of pollution, there's no question it's the right thing to do. Building green also conserves both energy and water, which means lower utility bills too! Even better, perhaps, are the many health benefits that come from living in a pollution free environment with greatly improved air quality! On the down side, finding all the stuff you need isn't always easy. And that's where we can help! Here's some of the "green building" stuff we've found so far, but the search is really "never-ending". So PLEASE let us know what else you need. If there's a source anywhere in the known Universe, we will find it! Please explore these links for more details, pricing & availability!

Adhesive & Non-Adhesive TapesAdhesive & Non-Adhesive Tapes
Caulk, Filler, Mastic & Spray Foam Air SealersCaulk, Filler, Mastic & Spray Foam Air Sealers
EnviroSafe™ Paint CompanyEnviroSafe™ Paint Company
Lead Paint Removal & Abatement SolutionsLead Paint Removal & Abatement Solutions
Outlet & Light Switch Covers & InsulationOutlet & Light Switch Covers & Insulation
Radiant Insulation, Plumbing Insulation, Vapor & Thermal BarriersRadiant Insulation, Plumbing Insulation, Vapor & Thermal Barriers
Safe Paint & Varnish Strippers & RemoversSafe Paint & Varnish Strippers & Removers
Wonderful Wood Finishes & StainsWonderful Wood Finishes & Stains
Energy Saving StuffEnergy Saving Stuff
Water Saving StuffWater Saving Stuff

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