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GoodCommonSense believes that only through an integration of equitable social values and successful business models can we achieve a better world. We endorse the following groups because of their commitment to relationship building & consumer education. Each of these groups is a leader today, showing all of us what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle in 2005. At this time, GoodCommonSense donates 2% of it's annual after-tax profits to their work.



The Center for the New American Dream** -- excellent consumer education group, working to build bridges, constructive relationships, and happier lifestyles in the USA. please visit:

The Earth Policy Institute**
-- the absolute authority on the environmental and resulting social issues of our times. We very much admire the work and history of this group. please visit: {{}}

also -- for a comprehensive overview of today's issues please visit {{}}

Global Exchange**
-- an international human rights and relationships integrity group. champions of social and environmental welfare causes. absolute leaders over a diverse range of areas. please visit: {{}}

The Rocky Mountain Institute**
-- absolute experts in the field of resource efficiency & the new industrial revolution. this group makes it regular practice to showcase the many possibilities and potentials for technology put to intelligent, community-oriented use. the leadership in this group may one day get its due for contributing some of the most innovative thinking in our times. please visit: {{}}

also -- for some excellent information pertaining to Resource Efficiency and the home, please visit: {{}}

-- SEED Coalition (The "Sustainable Energy & Economic Development Coalition") is a Texas-based non profit working to promote clean air and clean energy, fighting against coal-burning power plants, and advocating for clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency across the state of Texas. GoodCommonSense & SEED have created the t-shirt campaign "coal: bad" to raise awareness of one of life's new necessities, we gotta stop burning coal now! please visit: {{ and}}

UNDO IT** -- "Global Warming: Undo It" is a campaign created by Environmental Defense.Org that addresses the critical issue of climate change. The project's number one objective is passage of the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act, which would dramatically cut polluting emissions. please visit: {{}}



GoodCommonSense maintains active support with groups that seek to improve community by restoring and perserving our natural world. We look to these trailblazers for inspiration, direction, information, and camraderie.

The Alliance to Save Energy ( -- a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security. {{}}

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) -- "dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting economic prosperity and environmental protection." {{}} -- the official site of the National Biodiesel Board. This stuff is exciting! {{}}

Earth Action -- a global network working together to create the political will for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Notably supported by spokesman Leonardo diCaprio. {{}} -- "because the earth needs a good lawyer" {{}}

Environmental Defense** -- an excellent non-profit group, has it's eyes focused on the most troubling problems of our times. makes participating in activism and advocacy efforts very appealing. {{}} -- transforming the way conceive of design. transforming the way we percieve of our connection to this planet. Notable: founded by world famous eco-architect William McDonough. {{}}

Greenpeace -- the name says it all. world's best activist group? also an excellent source of information and international standards setter. {{}}

Organic Consumers Association -- campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade & sustainability {{}}

National Energy Policy Initiative (NEP) -- a division of the Rocky Mountain Institute. designed to support "the development of a stakeholder-based national energy policy." in other words, this is an effort to design a national energy strategy that doesn't pollute people, cause global warming, or engender possibility of accidental nuclear catastrophe... an energy plan with people, not corporate growth, in mind. full of visionary, applicable ideas, and deriving from a large, able-minded coalition. {{}}

"Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution" -- certainly one of the most important and authoritative books of the last 10 years. one of three books we recommend every person read. you can download and read it for free at: {{}}

The Nature Conservancy -- excellent land conservation group. beautiful magazine. well-written articles. support from Tom Hanks. {{}}

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) -- the nation's leading regional membership organization; focused on promoting the understanding, development, and adoption of energy conservation and non-polluting, renewable energy technologies. {{}}

Rails to Trails -- good common sense loves groups that demonstrate environmentally intelligent options in everyday living. this organization has some great ideas, which benefit everyone. their main activity is to foster community driven efforts to convert old, abandoned railways into parks, veloways, and hiking trails. very nice! {{}}

The Renewable Energy Policy Project (The REPP) -- we love these guys and plan to add them to our list of supportees very soon. an excellent source for the dissemination of info regarding efficiency and all the clean energy fuel sources! please check them out! {{}} or {{}}

***also -- for some excellent information about the world of efficiency, please visit {{}}***

The Sierra Club -- Reknowned environmental group. {{}}

The Trust for Public Land -- also an excellent land conservation group {{}}

U.S. Public Interest Reseach Group -- an excellent on the ball activist organization with division of issues at state and federal levels. easy to deal with.. "working to safeguard the public interest since 1971" {{}}

Waterkeeper Alliance -- an excellent coalition group "dedicated to preserving and protecting your water from polluters" {{}}

World Energy Efficiency Organization: -- international clearinghouse for dissemination of energy efficiency information. also a catalyst for cooperation in such efforts. {{}}



American Wind Energy Association {{}}

Association of Energy Service Professionals {{}}

Climate Neutral Network -- non-profit that helps companies, communities and individuals achieve a net zero impact on the earth's climate. Climate-Cool certified products, services & enterprises. {{}} -- portal for the fuel cell industry. {{}}

International Solar Energy Society {{}}

The MBDC: McDonoughBraungart Design Coalition -- demonstrating that a new design paradigm is endlessly possible, endlessly employable. {{}}

Solar Energy Industries Association {{}}

Sustainable Building Coalition {{}}

US Green Building Council {{}}



Bioenergy Information Network -- part of U.S. DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy outreach activities. focuses on the domestic production, recovery, and conversion of energy crops to environmentally beneficial fuels and power generation. it's amazing that we haven't already gotten very excited about this... {{}}

Clean Cities Hotline -- Great! Contact them via their hotline: 800.CCITIES, write to them:, or visit them on the web: {{}}

Energy Information Agency -- the federal clearinghouse for where our energy is coming from (fuel supply), what's happening with price fluctuations, and projections about future energy trends. {{}}

Also -- EIA's info page (2004) can be found at {{}}

Fuel -- a great source when your car shopping, etc! {{}}

Million Solar Roofs Initiative -- this is a good idea. enables businesses and communities to install solar panels on 1 million rooftops across the U.S. by 2010. {{}}

National Alternative Fuels Hotline - very cool! Call them: 800.423.1363, write them:, or visit them on the web: {{}}

National Renewable Energy Lab -- a national laboratory of the U.S. DOE, and the office of Energy Effieciency and Renewable Energy. {{}}

Renewable Energy Clearing House -- {{}}

***U.S. DOE: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EREE) -- lots of good information here. {{}}

U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency and Reneweable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) -- 800.DOE.EREC (800.363.3732) {{}}

U.S. DOE, National Biofuels Program -- seeks to cost-effectively produce ethanol and other fuels and chemicals from biomass resources such as agricultural and forestry residues or fast-growing trees and grasses. good common sense, yes! {{}}

U.S. EPA: Energy Star Program -- sort of like a favorite uncle. you can trust this program. it sets the standards by which all American appliances and electricity fixtures are judged. earning an Energy Star seal of approval means you're as good as gold, in our opinion -- and we wish more people knew about this stuff! . . . go here to learn more about all the Energy Star Programs. {{}}



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