Notecards From Froggy & Toadie© - Individually & In Bulk

The enchanting images adorning these notecards are the creations of Nila, a gifted artist who loves all good creatures, great and small. Her renditions are delightful, thanks to the distinctly visible personalities of her subjects! These cards are 5" x 7", printed on heavy post consumer waste recycled card stock in prismacolor using vibrant soy ink; envelopes included. Great for Birthdays, "Thank You" notes & every other conceivable occasion that involves appreciation, caring and/or love. Cards can be and very often are framed!

Please click image to enlarge and view all card designs.

These cards are available individually or in bulk: Bald Eagle 133, Barn Owl 182, Bull Frog 192, Coyote 114, Gray Fox 142, Gray Wolf 112, Grizzly Bear 122, Mountain Lion 152, Salamander 172 and/or Sea Turtle 132. You can order one or more of any or all of these designs below.

Notecards from Froggy & Toadie© are sold only at the Good Common Sense Store. Available here individually or in bulk including envelops. To order cards in sets of 12 cards & envelopes, tied in a bundle with hemp twine, please see link below.

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Notecards From Froggy & Toadie© Notecards From Froggy & Toadie©

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