Preserve™ Natural Wood Finish

Primarily developed for use on wooden kitchenware, Preserve™ Natural Wood Finish also has many other applications; especially toys for very young children and wooden items used by chemically sensitive folk. Safe enough to apply with bare hands, Preserve™ is essentially a blend of exotic nut oils possessing the unique ability to “polymerize”; a big word that means the finish actually bonds with wood molecules. Most other natural, vegetable-based oil finishes don’t have this feature and therefore never completely dry. Unlike Preserve™, over time other oils can even become rancid! For more Safe, Alternate Wood Finish choices please see the links at the bottom of this page.

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Preserve™ is clearly one of the “greenest” wood finishes available. It safely and effectively preserves and protects objects fashioned from wood, while working just as hard to preserve and protect our precious rainforests.

Green Power Features
  • No odor
  • No fumes
  • No petroleum
  • Simple application

  • How To Apply
    Apply with a brush or rag, clean up with soap and water. Preserve™ is so safe, you can safely apply it with your bare hands!

    About The Producer
    Masters Blend is a small family-owned business. Two (2) percent of earnings before taxes go to organizations working to prevent rain forest deforestation by enhancing the ability of indigenous peoples to manage their natural resources. This is accomplished through the creation of awareness programs and higher-paying related jobs.

    Products like Preserve™ help increase the value of the living, sustainable rainforest by creating a larger market for its renewable produce (nuts). Without this perceived economic value, rainforest trees grow increasingly vulnerable to clear-cutting; either to make way for cattle growing or as timber felled to produce exotic lumber and firewood.

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