LuxPro P621U Programmable Thermostat 5/1/1

The LuxPRO P621U 5/1/1 Universal Programmable Thermostat is a full-function unit that will control most single stage equipment as well as heat pumps and multistage systems up to 2 heat /1 cool. A program for weekdays, while Saturday & Sunday can be different. You can choose between programmable or non-programmable operation. Other features include: exclusive Lux Speed Slide for easy programming, graphical filter monitor, keypad lockout for unauthorized users, adjustable heat/cool temperature limits, adjustable vacation hold (for 1-30 days) and smart recovery. The P521U 5-Day/2-Day Universal Thermostat is for conventional heating & AC systems and heat pumps with up to 2 stages heat/1 stage cool. Please see link below for more Thermostat options.

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LuxPro P621U Programmable Thermostat 5/1/1 5000-152$39.96, 2/$75.92, 6/$221.70

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