Less Is More ... Get Efficient!

Less is more, you've heard it before! Our catalog of appliances and daily use products consume less energy & materials to deliver more of what you need. You get a better product that saves money and planet over the long run. Why does that matter? Well, read below...

I. Save Energy, Make Less Pollution
What's so great about efficient energy use? Ah-ha! From our perspective - one of the most important things a person can do today is get efficient. Why? Because it's a crucial time. Rapid industrial growth has outpaced the planet's ability to provide for our immediate needs. The decisions we make now are critical not just to our children and our future, but to our immediate future.

Less Pollution
Fact: The majority of American electricity is created by burning fossil fuels. Likewise, we are all - everyday - contributing dirty pollution to every aspect of the earth's biosphere. Documented side effects from using electricity inefficiently include: global warming, chronic asthma, smog problems, prenatal birth defects, heart attacks, environmental toxicity, and more. ANYTHING YOU CAN DO to reduce the amount of electricity you use, will likewise reduce the amount of pollution our power plants are causing. GoodCommonSense sells energy, water, and fuel efficiency products to help you along the path towards attaining a zero carbon footprint.

Why Less Pollution Matters
Fact: Global Warming threatens everyone. We - the world - have serious issues to deal with today, not tomorrow. In just the last 10 years we've seen the effects of Global Warming take root. Colossal, non-retrievable ice melts, disappearing permafrost and glacier structures, the increased frequency of violent hurricanes, the destabilization of regular seasonal patterns, "1,000 year droughts", the flooding of island nations, total extinction of the world's coral reefs by 2030, the exhaustion of the world ocean's edible fish supply by 2040, a 1000% increase in the species extinction rate, intensely hot summers, and the list goes on... We are losing more valuable habitat, biological diversity, and ecological equilibrium everyday as we are continue to burn fossil fuels, and create more pollution than the environment can effectively "digest." Ultimately the food chain, as we know it, is forecasted to coming to a grinding halt during the next 45 years. But YOU can make the difference. GoodCommonSense wants to empower our customers with solutions to ecological issues. We are committed to informing our patrons about Global Warming and the best -- & easiest -- ways to mitigate. To learn more, please visit our environmental section, or write with questions.

II. Save Energy, Save Money
When buying an appliance, remember that it has two price tags: 1) what you pay to buy it and 2) what you pay to run it each month. Well, we don't need to tell you, the long term costs add up over the years. But by shopping for efficiency & lowering your LIFE CYCLE COSTS, you're making an intelligent decision, which rewards you with 2 and 3 fold bigger savings over time.

Ea$y Choices
Imagine you have 2 choices. #1 - Spend $500 on an appliance, Or #2 - Spend $800 on an appliance that saves $20 every month compared to the first unit. Which one's a smarter decision? ... In this example, the $800 appliance saves $240 its first year -- nearly the entire amount of extra money spent -- and it saves $2400 over a ten year period... Buy the better appliance.

Protecting & Restoring the Environment, Efficiently
Simple actions DO make a big difference. By using a more efficient appliance you're using fewer resources -- and that's good for the planet. By using LESS, you're reducing your negative impacts upon the environment, today. Example: If just one home in 10 used ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, the benefits would be equivalent to planting 1.7 million new ACRES of trees!

III. Good Common Sense
As one of the world's most focused retailers of efficient and sustainable living products, it is our job to push the envelop and find products for you that exceed standards set by the U.S. DOE's ENERGY STAR program. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to live in balance with the environment, and wherever possible, save them some money along the way!

Shop with us and you can be sure you're doing the best for yourself, your bills, & your planet.


"Buying The Best Appliances"
"Buying The Best Appliances"

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