AirCycler Control FRV Upgraded To The New G1 Unit!

The AIRCYCLERŽ FRV Fan Timer is a simple solution for meeting whole house ventilation standards. In one user-friendly controller, the AirCyclerŽ FRV integrates with the central furnace fan and existing ductwork to deliver fresh air throughout the home. Using the programmable ON/OFF timer the AirCyclerŽ FRV allows for the enabling and disabling of the central furnace fan and motorized damper to better control ventilation. Please Note: The AIRCYCLERŽ FRV has been upgraded and replaced with the NEW AIRCYCLERŽ G1 unit. Please below for more details and a link to the replacement unit..

The AirCyclerŽ g1 is designed to be pin compatible with the AirCyclerŽ FRV. To upgrade from the AirCyclerŽ FRV to the AirCyclerŽ g1 just pull the old FRV unit off the base and replace it with the new g1 controller. This is a simple "drop-in" replacement with no change needed to the base or the wiring.

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Click to enlargeNew Aircycler G1
Direct Replacement For The AIRCYCLERŽ FRV

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