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The BITS Smart Strip Power Strip LCG3 has 10 outlets that work together, auto-switching devices on and off and lowering electric bills. Three of the outlets offer constant power, allowing you to plug-in devices that should never turn off (one outlet is transformer-spaced). Six outlets are "controlled" (three are transformer-spaced), automatically shutting "off" whenever a 10%+ drop in current to the main outlet is detected, or automatically turning "on" when an increase of 7+ watts to the main outlet is detected. Tenth outlet is "main" outlet.

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Usage Notes
Here's just one example of how the LCG3 might be used: plug your computer into the main outlet, plug peripherals into any of the other six. When you shut down your computer, all of the peripherals will also turn off. Turn on your computer, the peripherals will all turn on. Simple!

Green Power Points
  • Auto-switches devices on and off to save energy
  • Uses less than one watt of power
  • Provides a safe, uninterrupted power supply
  • Has 2 RC filters to help prevent false switching

    Features & Specs
  • 2 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 6 foot long heavy-duty power cord
  • Lighted power switch; wall mountable
  • Rating: UL 1449 Rating 120 Volt 50/60 Hz
  • Surge Protection: 2875 joules, 84000 amps, 330 volts
  • EMI/RFI Filtering: 2 Spike Blocking Bar coil chokes, up to 60 db line noise reduction

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