Sanitizing Hand Soap That Actually Works Without Doing Harm!

KD Gold™ Hand Wash is the perfect hand sanitizer for for home & office use! Other antibacterial soaps & gels contain poisons like Triclosan. Though laboratory tests have shown it kills bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella, KD Gold™ is 100% safe and non-toxic because it's made entirely from food grade ingredients! In fact, KD Gold™ is far more effective than other so-called antibacterial soaps because it not only mechanically removes bacteria, but also viruses! Most antibacterial soaps offer no protection against viruses, yet viruses are the major cause of infections, not bacteria! KD Gold™ Hand Wash is unique in that it actually does clean and sanitize safely, without doing harm. Unless of course, you happen to be a "germ".

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Also available in a 2oz foamer bottle for hand sanitizer for people on the go, and both gallon (128oz) and 5 gallon refill sizes. Please see links below!

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KD Gold Hand Wash 20oz Foamer GF-1020$9.50, 2/$17.96, 9/$76.50

KD Gold Hand WashKD Gold Hand Wash
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