KD Gold™ Head Lice Remover Refill 128oz (gallon)

Those who suffer from head lice are desperate for relief! The tragic truth, however, is that most commonly prescribed "remedies" do far more harm than the condition they are meant to treat! KD Gold™ Head Lice Remover, on the other hand, contains nothing but food grade ingredients! Yet even though it kills head lice, KD Gold™ isn't poisonous to them or us! As impossible as this sounds, there is a simple explanation.

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The exoskeleton of head lice is composed of oil-based molecules. So, KD Gold’s colloidal micelle action dissolves it, the same way it does any other oil or grease molecule. Since mammals are aqueous (water)-based, rather than oil-based, KD Gold™ kills head lice, yet is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. But it gets even better!

Though lice have a life span of only 25 days or less, an adult can lay up to 150 eggs, or "nits" as they are called. KD Gold™ not only kills the lice, but also dissolves the cement that holds the nits in place, allowing them to be easily washed away!

We know of nothing safer, nor more effective than KD Gold™ when it comes to removing head lice. Why not try some today and see for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

This gallon size can be used to refill our 8oz pump foamer bottle. Also available in 32oz and 5 gallon refill sizes; and a Super Concentrate. Please see links below!

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