Insulate & Weatherize

By Bruce Hartley

A complete do-it-yourself manual, includes: clear explanations, hundreds of photos & detailed, step by step illustrations. Take advantage of engineer Bruce Hartley's troubleshooting advice to eliminate energy wasters, moisture problems, & more.

Efficient Air Sealing & Control of Heat Gain will do more to MAKE YOUR LIFE EXTRA COMFORTABLE than buying an expensive appliance or buying the world's biggest air conditioner!


One thing is clear, eliminating waste is not just a good thing -- it's a GREAT thing. By using less electricity, you are eliminating pollution, saving money, and making positive global impacts.

Why? --- Because having a stable, leak-free indoor environment is numero uno for maintaining comfort. Learn how to best eliminate your building's #1 energy expense (heating & cooling) with this book!


Featured Sections:
  • finding and sealing sources of air leakage
  • choosing the best insulation materials
  • preventing costly moisture damage
  • troubleshooting windows, doors, and skylights
  • maintaining heating and cooling systems
  • using electricity and heating fuel efficiently
  • curing foundation problems


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