TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... May 31, 2005
"The Future Is Green"

greetings from good common sense!

"The Future is Green" ... And we've got proof! This month's GOOD NEWS is a collection of outstanding tidbits from around the US:

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1) Shout Out to the Governor of Pennsylvania
(Yes, it's true...)
The world's first solar powered governor's mansion now stands in Harrisburg, PA. Asked why he took the leap into photovoltaics, the right honorable, Gov. Edward G. Rendell said, "I like it." Read More:

2) "Wonder Wind Powers -- Activate ..."
Form of: 5x's more energy than the world currently uses & NO EMISSIONS.
A recent study at Stanford University showed that the earth's prevailing wind systems can support - all of us - year round & forever. Check out the story!,2782,67600,00.html?tw=rss.TOP
make the switch! (see below)

3) Shout Out to Mayor Bloomberg ... (???!)
"The World's Largest Hybrid has arrived in New York City."
Actually, the world's largest hybrid bus fleet has arrived ... In March of 2005 a total of 325 hybrid buses were delivered for use in the five borroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, & Queens. According to transit officials, the hybrids will not only reduce dangerous air emissions, but will increase fuel savings by about 30 percent... "First they eliminate second hand cigarette smoke, now they slash our diesel pollution! @%#$!! What's next?" View the story:

4) "Money DOES Grow On Trees"
Shout Out to Mumbai, India.

"economy = environment." In our view: our economy is dependent upon the environment. Without fresh water, clean air, safe food & a stable climate -- we're all in trouble ... The following comes from the Town Planning Department of Mumbai, India & does a great job of illustrating what we mean: "A tree that lives for 50 years:
  • Generates $11,788 worth of oxygen.
  • Recycles $14,222 worth of soil fertility.
  • Facilitates $14,222 worth of soil erosion control.
  • Creates $23,333 worth of air pollution control.
  • Provides $11,778 worth of shelter for birds & animals.
  • Besides, it also provides flowers & fruit. So when a tree falls or is felled, the city's net loss is worth more than $73,333. Think before you cut a tree."

    Part Problem, Part Solution

    Well, it's NOT a perfect world... but check out what several of THE WORLD'S most trusted brand names are suddenly saying about the importance of environmental health:

  • GE: "Addressing the problems of tomorrow today"

  • FEDEX/KINKOS: "Environmental Management is a Global Priority"
    FEDEX is leading the shipping world with its use of low emissions vehicles & recycled fiber shipping products, waste reduction policies, low noise technologies, & more.
    KINKO'S has been broadcasting its awareness of the environment from coast to coast. In light of Earthday last month, the company gave significant discounts on recycled paper products. Next time you're making copies, check their "environmental vision statement" - usually prominently displayed near the entrance. It includes some lovely photos & provisions for: Using Sustainable Energy Sources, Reducing Energy Use, Offering Recycled and Alternative Papers & Minimizing Waste.

  • NIKE: "Eliminating waste & Eliminating toxics"

  • DELL: "No computer should go to waste." They also say - "Efficiency eliminates waste - Efficiency delivers customer value."

    6) Austin, Tx --
    "Best Damn Utilities on the Planet!"
    It's been only three weeks since we relocated back to the old hometown of Austin. No longer just the slacker/live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas is headquarters to such luminaries as Whole Foods, Dell Computer, Lance Armstrong, ... and the world's leading city-sponsored sustainability programs.

    Austin's Energy, Solid Waste & Water Utilities have worked together for over 15 years to champion an impressive & diverse range of programs. Here's a sampling of what they've got going in 2005:
  • Rebates for everything from solar panels to rain barrels to hvac systems to light bulbs. Funding for residential, multi-family, and large/small business projects ranging into the tens of millions of dollars. Expert information & friendly customer service. A true commitment to Austin's environment & quality of life. City funded development of a local small business economy, which prioritizes clean energy, clean fuels, non-toxic materials, resource efficiency, intelligent design, composting, and recycling. Half a dozen consumer-oriented websites. Quarterly training & info seminars for professional builders, architects, contractors, & consumers alike. Sponsorship of local "green building" oriented events, such as the recently successful "Cool House Tour." Free flapperless toilets, free showerheads, free faucet aerators, free weatherization, free energy audits, and more. A no-interest, green remodel, home improvement loan. "Green Choice" - our nation's leading clean utility energy program. The "Green Building Sourcebook" - a multilayered resource, which provides info about products, techniques & greenbuilding concepts, as well as links to builders, suppliers, designers & other accredited experts in various "green" fields. "Water Wise" - a monthly newsletter, which stands as a leading source for information about local water dynamics and consumer programs. "Grow green" - a really cool gardening & landscaping resource (featuring a really cool online native & adapted plant search database) ... And oh so much more... Here are our top Austin links:
  • "Austin Energy"
  • "Austin Water Conservation"
  • "Grow Green"
  • "Green Choice"

    Special thanks to Dick Peterson & Katie Jensen for their help with this piece.

    7) Cool Places to Learn & Shop
    Blogs for Taste-Makers & the Anti-Sith

    We derive a lot of inspiration from the growing community of like-minded, pro-sustainability people. If your intelligent, somewhat sheik, or just pretty darn cool, you'll enjoy flipping through the pages of these two fantastic sites. Thanks, Treehugger! (we appreciate the photo & slogan)
    Tree Hugger:
    Meta Efficient:

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    THE GOOD NEWS: Solutions abound. Today's environmental issues are being acknowledged by government, big business & hipsters, alike. Living more in balance with the environment is becoming an immutable priority for all of us. Implementation of solutions is not only "the right thing to do" -- it's cost effective, wise, & relatively easy.

    Visit our website for more info & easy solutions.

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