TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... April 30, 2005
"It's Very Clear... Our Wind Is Here To Stay. . ."

Did you know?
Cleanly fueled electricity is growing at record-setting paces all over the Western world. What's the benefit? Entrepreneurs & consumers alike are utilizing clean fuel resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, & wave power to build a stronger, more sustainable way of life.

Fossil fuel resources oil, coal & natural gas, are not only polluting the planet, they are set to become MORE EXPENSIVE as their supplies dwindle (& demand increases). FYI: Some experts expect world oil supplies to completely vanish within 25 years.

Wind will never "run out." Using Wind as a fuel source for electricity production means:
1. no toxic emissions
2. no global warming
3. no resource depletion
4. utilization of a low-cost, sustainable "feedstock"
5. the potential for stable utility prices!
6. rental income for farmers, ranchers, & Native Americans on rural lands
7. improved health & atmospheric conditions

Go Wind!

You can make the switch to cleanly-fueled electricity below. (And We Hope You Do!) There's so much more to say! Send us email with your questions. -- THANKS!

Next Month:
Hyper Car!

Did You Know?
Because of oil, coal, & natural gas incineration, the average American home makes twice as much pollution as the average American car. You can fix that problem with good common sense!

About GCS
Remember, there are solutions to today's environmental issues everywhere. Stay tuned... Also - Shop with us & everybody wins: lower your bills, clean-up environmental issues, enjoy longer lasting products, & improve your quality of life. Efficiency rocks! that's why we're here! SEE YOU SOON!

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced in February that it was funding two new wind farm projects. Both facilities are expected to be at least partially complete by year's-end & will provide 307.5 megawatts of clean power to consumers. (That's enough energy to power well over 30,000 homes!)

Use Wind Today!
Abundant, Inexhaustible & Clean, the only real barrier to a wind-powered economy is public demand. If you haven't done so, make the switch! Wind-powered utility is available all over the country. Save more than money! It's Good Common Sense! (link below)

Switching To Clean Energy
Switching To Clean Energy

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