TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... Dec. 31, 2005

The Good News 10: Positive Impacts

Good Common Sense Impacts
We're proud to bring you our first annual summary of the positive impacts achieved by our customers. Products purchased at Good Common Sense.Net between Feb 14 (our opening) & Dec 31, 2005 (today) are making an enormous difference in the immediate and future quality of life on this planet. We call this REAL SUCCESS.

Here's what our customers have achieved in just the first 10 months of operations -

Customers this year will save:
  • Over 1,425,750 gallons of water, long term use
  • Over $186,000 in long term energy & utility bill costs
  • Well Over 325,000 lbs of Global Warming & Air Pollution Gases

    Products diverted from landfills (over the long term), include:
  • Over 8,100 light bulbs & lighting-related products
  • Over 30,000 alkaline batteries
  • Over 247 water-related items

    Also - Average long term savings per $1 spent at Good Common Sense Resource Efficiency Store = $9.3 (based on aggregate of total sales).

    The Ultimate in Recycling
    In November we enthusiastically kicked off our recycled paper line. In the two months since, we have sold a number of 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled paper products. We're proud of these products not just because they are "100% diverted from public landfills," but also because they are of a better quality than the virgin paper standard. Use of such items saves public money, public water & public space. It also eliminates energy pollution & slows deforestation.

    An Education Note
    Good Common Sense sold numerous educational Books & DVDs in 2005. We also distributed several thousand informative "mini-books." Additionally, our newsletter readership continues to grow on a monthly basis... All in all, our mission of helping to educate people about the benefits of energy & resource efficiency is fun, well-received, & in full effect!

    Future Goals, 2006
    In the coming year, GCS plans to overhaul the website, dramatically increase our product offerings, & redouble our clean energy advocacy. (We hope you have already signed up for clean energy!)

    ...Thanks for reading!

    Our customers are making the difference.
    By shopping smarter and using more efficient, longer-lasting products our people are saving money & preventing pollution, everyday. The Good Common Sense mision of living more in balance with the environment is going & growing. Business is increasing & our services are improving. It's all about our customers, and we are regularly receiving compliments and thanks. We want to say thank you for an excellent & gratifying first year. We want to say thank you for helping to build a better world with better products. It's just getting started, and it's Good Common Sense!


    Cool Links: (Hot Buttons below)

    1. A Penny Spent on the Environment is a Dollar Earned by the World’s Poor

    2. 70% of Executives Believe Green Buildings Make Better Schools

    3. Northeast States Unite to Curb Warming

    4. New York City Orders 500 Hybrid Buses and Allows Hybrid Taxis

    5. Four Governors Order Their States to Save Energy, Use Biofuels
    Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Texas have been ordered to save energy, New York state agencies are beginning a BioFuels program. Read the New York State press release:

    6. Coors Brewing Ethanol from Spilled Beer

    7. DOE Sets Tougher Standards for Energy Star Clothes Washers

    8. UNEP and Beijing Sign Pact for Green 2008 Summer Olympics


    Cool Stories:

    Biodiesel Production Expected to Triple in 2005
    "The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) announced in early November that it anticipates 75 million gallons of biodiesel production in 2005, three times as much as produced in 2004... According to NBB, there are currently 45 biodiesel production plants. To keep up with growing demand, developers have proposed building another 54..." Via the EERE.

    First Luxury Hybrid Released
    Lexus recently introduced their RX 400h, which achieves an EPA estimated fuel economy of 33 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 28 mpg on the highway (pretty darn low, actually). Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is $44,660. Via the EERE.

    Ford Releases Hybrids In NYC
    Six Ford Escape Hybrids recently took to the streets of New York City to serve as the city's first hybrid electric taxicabs. Via the EERE.

    Lester Brown releases "Plan B 2.0, A Plan of Hope"
    The preeminient world expert on ecological health & trends, is focusing his energies on delivering a more upbeat message. His ultimate anylists, "The challenge is to build a new economy and to do it at wartime speed before we miss so many of nature’s deadlines that the economic system begins to unravel."
    download chapter 1 - FREE:

    Walmart Launches 2nd Large Scale, Energy Efficient Store
    Love 'em or learn about 'em... "Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has launched its second "experimental" store to evaluate energy-saving technologies and other environmentally beneficial enhancements. The new store, located in Aurora, Colorado, draws some of its power from a 50-kilowatt wind turbine, 134 kilowatts of solar power, and six 60-kilowatt gas-fired microturbines. The store also incorporates evaporative cooling with a low-flow displacement ventilation system. For heating, waste-oil boilers provide hot water for radiant floor heating, and a solar wall preheats ventilation air, reducing the store's use of natural gas for heating. The store's energy efficiency features include daylighting and a variety of energy-efficient electric lighting technologies. Wal-Mart launched its first experimental store in Texas in July; for the Colorado store, DOE's nearby National Renewable Energy Laboratory will provide monitoring, testing, and analysis for the next three years." Via the EERE.
    Read about NEW store:
    Read about 1st store:


    Thanks again for another great month!
    Happy New Year Everyone!

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    A ˘ Spent on the Environment = A $ Earned by the World's Poor

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    Execs Prefer Green Schools

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    Northeast States Unite to Curb Warming

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    Hybrid Taxis & Buses (NYC)

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    Gov. Pataki Orders Use of Biofuels

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    Coors Brewery Making Ethanol

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    Tougher Standards for Clothes Washers

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    2008, Beijing... Green Olympics

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    Lester Brown, "Plan B 2.0"

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    2nd "Green Walmart"

    Switching To Clean Energy
    Switching To Clean Energy

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