A Safer, Earth-Friendly Way, To Light Your Fire!

Super Cedar Firestarters (8 pack) are safer, more effective and more efficient! Independent laboratory tested and proven to achieve higher flame temperatures faster than other products, while leaving no residues or toxic chemicals behind. Made of compressed recycled cedar sawdust and recycled, highly refined wax, each 4 x 1 disk can be cut in for (4) pieces to make four individual firestarters!

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Super Cedar Firestarters improve the performance of woodstoves and catalytic stoves! And they are also perfect for fireplaces, pellet stoves, outdoor cooking and camping. Burns smoke free for over 25 minutes and lights easily, even when wet. Super Cedar Firestarters are the exclusive firestarter of the Boy Scouts of America, and recommended by the Oregon Dept of Parks. Also comes in a boxes of 36 or 108 firestarters. Available individually, too! Please see links at the bottom of this page.

Green Power Points
  • Burns virtually smoke free, leaving no residue or toxic chemicals behind
  • Far more efficient than kindling; light easily even when wet
  • A single firestarter can burn for 25 minutes or more
  • All materials used to produce Super Cedar Firestarter are 100% recycled

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    Super Cedar Firestarters 8 Pack SCF008$7.76, 2/$14.76, 9/$62.64

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