100% Hemp Knit Cap With Brim - Cooler and Warmer!

Our Hemp Knit Cap With Brim is made in the USA from 100% hemp yarn. So it naturally feels both cooler and warmer than cotton or wool caps. How? Well, being porous, hemp fiber “breathes”, keeping it cooler in warm weather. Yet this same air, literally inflating each fiber, also makes it naturally warmer in cooler weather. Really, hemp yarn is just about perfect for knitting caps! Naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light, hemp is also the most durable of all natural fibers. So strong, it holds it’s shape with less stretching, yet the more you use your hemp cap, the softer it get’s. Wearing stuff made from hemp is both smart and cool! It's also good for the environment and good for sustainable agriculture! For more hemp cap options and many other things made with hemp, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

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Hemp Knit Cap With Brim HHHKCB$15.96, 2/$30.00, 6/$85.50

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