TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... March 31, 2005

Let's Talk About Fuels
Any eco-biz has to talk about Fuels in our economy. We've got two choices, everyday: CLEAN & DIRTY. Here at GCS, we are aggressively Anti-Fossil Fuels. Why? ... All Fossil Fuels (aka "petroleum products") are DIRTY. Global Warming, Acid Rain, numerous prenatal Birth Defects, Asthma & over 20,000 premature deaths each year are among the direct effects of using coal, oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, & natural gas.

Let's Talk About Pollution Solutions
If you're interested in eliminating pollution, you don't have to use fossil fuels - even gasoline! - if you don't want to. We have the solutions @ our disposal. Here's a list of the most readily available CLEAN FUELS:

1. Energy Efficiency is the easiest, most accessible form of clean, sustainable energy available to us today. By using more efficient products, you dramatically decrease dirty fuel usage at power plants. Check out our lights, comfort products, & more.
2. For home & office electricity, we have the following clean fuel choices already available in the marketplace: wind, solar, wave, & geothermal.
3. For transportation we have several great choices, which dramatically reduce ill health & environmental detriment: biodiesel, liquid hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cells, & improved efficiency in design.

Solutions Abound. A clean economy is a healthy economy. The solutions are here now! Visit our website for more info.

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Next Month:
Hyper Car!

Did You Know?
The average American home makes twice as much pollution as the average American car!

Texas is leading the nation in development of clean, wind resources. You may have seen that windmill "farm" on I-10 just before El Paso. Well, THE GOOD NEWS is that the state of Texas is set to reach its goals for the development of renewable energy 3 years ahead of schedule! We've along way to go towards a clean economy, but -- so far so good. Read more if you like, from these links:

Did You Know?
You can find a clean energy provider for your home or workplace today - at good common sense. Just go to our info page & click on "Switch to Clean Energy." Nationwide service!

It's the right thing to do... it's good common sense.

Switching To Clean Energy
Switching To Clean Energy

Pursuing safe, clean, green sources of energy!

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