TODAY'S GOOD NEWS ... March 31, 2006

Evangelical Ecos? -- this month we feature excerpts from a little known article, recently published in The Dallas Morning News (3/10/06). . .

"Scott Freeman is not your typical treehugger. For years, he said, he believed concern for the environment was “all a bunch of liberal politics.”

But, added the senior pastor of Northside Church in Waco, TX, “the more I began to pray and pay attention to the change in climate and the way we pollute, I began to see how deep the need is. Now Mr. Freeman, a father of three, is trying to be better about recycling; he's talked to his wife about composting; and in early September he became one of 86 church leaders to sign the Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation

“…We have failed in our stewardship of creation” - the statement says, “Therefore we repent of the way we have polluted, distorted, or destroyed so much of the Creator's work.”

… Politically speaking, "President Bush and many other Republicans have won strong support by opposing gay marriage and abortion. But now, thanks to this evangelical creation care movement, people are raising their heads and saying - what about … the environment?”

To learn more about this article, please visit -
  • "God's Green Earth: Evangelicals Set Ecological Goals" --
  • or google - “creation care movement.”


    The Good News
    Ladies and Gentleman, people everywhere (and from all types of cultural backgrounds) are sensing a fundamental need to live in more balance with the environment. The concept of utilizing technology to imitate nature's paradigm of cyclical design and overlapping life-cycle functions is dawning among more of us everyday. An entirely new cultural landscape is opening up before us -- and American values are demanding a high quality of life, a secure future, and a beautiful earth... In short, People are 'gettin' hip!

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    Green features “Food Awareness” Article:
    Read the latest column from our friend in Wimberley, TX: (below)

    Ethanol Mag goes online

    New Study Confirms Energy Benefit of Ethanol Fuel
    Ethanol fuel produced from corn reduces petroleum use by about 95 percent, while also reducing greenhouses gases by about 13 percent, according to a report published last Friday in the journal Science.

    Ford Unveils Hybrid that Can Run on Ethanol-Rich Fuel

    President Bush Proposes Energy Initiative to Slash Oil Imports
    See the White House fact sheet: (below)

    President Bush Ackolwedges Global Warming
    On Saturday March 25, 2006, President G.W. Bush quietly acknowledged the existence of global warming for the fiirst time publicly. Time magazine runs feature saying the battle of the skeptics is over:,9171,1176980,00.html (below)

    U.S. Wind Industry Marks 2005 as its Most Productive Year Ever

    i>DOE and 15 Federal Agencies Sign Green Building Agreement
    The US Departmenr of Energy joined 15 other federal agencies AND the White House Council on Environmental Quality recently in a joint commitment to designing and constructing sustainable buildings that achieve high energy performance...

    IRS Releases Guidance on Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
    A credit of up to $2,000 is available for eligible contractors who build a qualified new energy efficient home and sell it either this year or next. For existing homes, the law provides a 10 percent credit for buying qualified energy efficiency improvements, including insulation, reflective metal roofs, insulated exterior doors, and energy efficient exterior windows and skylights. The law also provides residential tax credits of $50 for each advanced main air circulation fan and $150 for qualified furnaces or hot water heaters fueled with natural gas, propane, or oil. That credit increases to $300 for qualified heat pump water heaters; high-efficiency water heaters, boilers, furnaces, central air conditioners, and geothermal heat pumps. To earn the credit, the improvements must be made this year or next year. The maximum credit for both years is $500, of which expenses for windows can provide no more than $200. Manufacturers of these products may certify them as eligible for the tax credits, in which case the homeowner can rely on the certification to claim the credit.
    For more info goto
  • -- look under Frequently Asked Questions.

    ASE makes sense of the IRS!
    To help homeowners take advantage of the new energy efficiency tax credits, the Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) has created a special Web site:

    California Builders Include Solar Power on Hundreds of Homes
    Cool, clean, renewable, and endlessly reliable ... domestic energy.

    Clif Bar Starts “Global Cooling” campaign

    Global Warming book gets full review in the New York Times

    Honda unveils new, inexpensive hybrid

    Detroit unveils Green Map!

    And finally, The Wisconsin Senate recently passed a bill that would require the state to generate 10 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2015.


    Next Month: Rainwater "Harvesting!"


    Switch to Clean Energy!
    As always - if you haven't already made the switch, we ask that you consider doing so immediately. Taking this action is the single most positive thing you can do for the environment, the economy and our future. Please check our link (below).


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    Green Guru Goes Mad for Good Food

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    Bush Acknowledges Global Warming

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    Clif Bar's "Start Global Cooling"

    Switching To Clean Energy
    Switching To Clean Energy

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