AM 2.0 GPM Flow Control Aerator FA022

Our AM 2.0 GPM Flow Control Aerator FA022 works just like our standard aerators with one huge and most desirable difference - Flip Lever Flow Control!! Just think of all the water that goes down the drain while you soap up your hands or brush your teeth! With our Flow Control Aerator FA022 you can save that water by just pushing the lever up to cut the flow to a trickle! And the saving are even greater if you are using hot water! This unit is especially good for Seniors and anyone else with hand or finger movement issues. Features dual threads, chrome-plated folding brass body and is rated at 2.0 gpm or less. It'll give you years and years of maintenance free service and almost effortless savings!! A wide range of water and energy saving Faucet Aerators, including those with adjustable flow, are also available here! Please see link below to view more options.

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Green Power Features & Specs
  • Cuts water flow to a trickle with the flick of a lever
  • 2 Gallon per minute or less WaterSense Certified
  • Works with kitchen and bathroom faucets
  • 15/16-Inch Dual Threaded

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    AM 2.0 GPM Flow Control Aerator FA022 3010-1$3.95, 2/$7.50, 6/$21.36

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