Evolve ShowerStart TSV - Saves Time, Water & Energy

The Evolve ShowerStart TSV lets you effortlessly save the water and energy that’s used while waiting for your shower to get warm. And this can mean a savings of from 2 to 5 gallons per shower! It also lets you know when your shower’s ready!

Here's how it works: Just turn on your shower as you are getting ready to bathe. When the water reaches 95°F, the ShowerStart kicks in and lowers the flow to a trickle, saving water and energy! When you're ready to jump in, just pull the cord and enjoy instantly warm water!

Please click images to enlarge. The small inset image shows the device attached to a showerhead.

The ShowerStart TSV fits between your showerhead and shower arm. Installation takes just a few minutes and in many cases can be done without any tools. Please see links below for Evolve Showerheads and other Water Saving Solutions!

User Note
The ShowerStart TSV is not designed for use with tankless hot water heaters.

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