EnviroSafe™ Premium noVOC Paint - Flat, gallon

EnviroSafe™ Premium noVOC Paint - Flat is 100% acrylic resin premium quality paint, featuring enhanced durability and fast drying time. Great for most indoor areas where a flat (no gloss) surface is desired. Specially formulated for clean air and healthy interior environments; important features for today’s airtight, energy efficient homes and office buildings. EnviroSafe™ Paint features virtually no odor, no VOCs and no toxic fumes; free of formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, crystalline silica and municipal tap water. Also available in quarts, 5 gallon pails and a nifty little 4oz size to sample or for small projects such as wooden toys or arts & crafts. (Yes, it is that safe). Please see links at the bottom of this page.

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Easy To Use • Fast Drying • Odor Free!

Recommended For -
Residential interior walls, ceilings, doors, and trim. Commercial applications include schools, health care facilities, offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, workshops, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.

For Use On -
Drywall, sheetrock, wood, properly cured and primed plaster or stucco, masonry, and primed metal.

About Colors -
Our standard color is White. We can also closely match most colors available from most national paint brands. And we have our own fandeck with 1,240 colors, as well as Color Collections of 48 hues each based on Off-White, Neutral, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Orange. Please call 844-514-0474 to discuss your color needs, or email us the names and/or numbers of the colors you wish us to match!

Surface Preparation & Application -
Our paint works like most other premium quality, 100% acrylic resin water based paint. Since it dries fast, using brushes designed for no-VOC paint, or microfiber rollers with a 1/4” to 3/8” nap is highly recommended. For spray applications, use a painter’s mask and an airless sprayer, 1800 – 2400 PSI, with a .015” to .021” tip. For complete details on surface preparation and how to correctly apply EnviroSafe™ Paint products please see Helpful Downloads below.

Coverage -
Approximately 350 square feet per gallon depending on surface porosity. Two coats are recommended. Some colors, especially "accent base colors" may require a third coat. Note: EnviroSafe™ Paint is self-priming; the initial coat can be considered the primer coat for most new surfaces. Exceptions include surface materials requiring a transitional primer and/or those wherein a particular primer is specified by the manufacturer.

Drying Time & Cleanup -
Less than one hour under normal conditions. May be recoated in 4 hours. Wipe up drips and spills immediately with damp cloth. Brushes and other tools should be cleaned in warm soapy water immediately after use.

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