<b>ECOS Ultra Dishmate Dish Liquid - Lavender, 25 oz</b>

ECOS Ultra Dishmate Lavender is concentrated with powerful, plant-derived cleaning agents; one good squirt can clean a whole sinkful of dishes! And that's not all - Dishmate also doubles as a hand soap too! Plus, our lavender essential oil provides a soothing, aromatic scent that echoes the beauty of the flower. Also available in Almond, Apricot, Free & Clear, Lavender and Pear. Please see link below.

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Green Power Points
  • Ultra-concentrated liquid dish washing product, very affordable
  • pH 6.4-7.5; softens hands as you wash
  • Powerful low-sudsing; no streaking or spotting
  • Excellent grease-cutting capabilities
  • Free of harsh fumes or vapors; Palm oil FREE
  • Non-polluting/100% biodegradable/non-toxic/natural
  • Made of replenishable/sustainable plant based ingredients
  • Biocompatible with wast ewater and gray water treatment systems
  • Septic tank, cesspool, drain line and gray-water system safe
  • Easy to recycle #1 PETE container

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