Toxic Effects of Chlorine in Your Water

Though it's effects are not exactly known, Chlorine - the 17th atomic element - is often described as a known carcinogen (cancer causer). Ingestion via drinking water, or even more acutely, via hot water bathing - affects everyone, albeit differently.

Many complain that Chlorinated Water irritates their skin, dries out their hair, and inflames their eyes & mucous membranes. Some believe it contributes to childhood respiratory problems, such as asthma...

Image shows city water treatment plant. Click to enlarge.

What's Known - Waterborne Chlorine combines easily with other (man-made & natural) chemicals to create carcinogenic compounds such as chloramines & dioxin. The effects of exposure to these compounds causes cancer in our bodies and those of the animals we eat. Drinking and/or absorbing chlorinated water through the skin, dramatically increases a person's risk of developing cancer. Some physicians believe that over time exposure to chlorinated water destroys cells and breaks down the body's immune systems.

Chlorine is a pervasive biocide, used universally in American public water treatment to kill dangerous bacteria and pathogens. Its effectiveness is also its greatest flaw, in that it creates new health hazards for human beings. There are effective alternatives for cleansing public water and protecting public health. In Europe, water treatment plants have shifted from chlorine towards ozone and filtration. These processes are improving water safety. Many European residents now enjoy public water 10 times less chlorinated than what's typical in much of the United States. Other alternatives: salt water treated public pools, "living system" waste water treatment systems, rainwater harvesting, and home water filtration are rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. because they offer cleaner, healthier, tastier water -- on any scale.

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