ECOS PRO OxoBrite Chlorine Free Bleach Powder - 8.5LB

ECOS OxoBrite Chlorine Free Bleach Powder - The Oxygenating Whitener & Brightener! When activated by water, the powder releases oxygen which penetrates the molecules of the staining substance, causing it to break down and disappear without the use of optical brighteners! Great for a variety of applications: as a laundry pre-soak, laundry whitener, laundry booster; carpet spot remover; pre-soak for dishes or dishwashing booster; on bathroom grout, garage floors and much more! Color-safe and compatible with high-efficiency machines, ECOS OxoBrite is effective against oil and water-based stains and works in all temperatures. Readily biodegradable, pH balanced formula is made using sustainable ingredients. Free of synthetic perfumes and dyes; greywater and septic safe. Also available in 2LB and 3.6LB sizes. Please see links at the bottom of this page.

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ECOS PRO OxoBrite Chlorine Free Bleach Powder, 8.5 LB PL989204$28.89, 2/$54.98, 4/$98.00

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