ECOS Laundry Liquid In Many Flavors - 50 oz

Earth Friendly Products ECOS Laundry Liquid is a complete family of concentrated, safe and healthy, laundry solutions. Two ounces easily handles a full standard load of wash; just one ounce is needed for high efficiency machines. Features include built-in soy based fabric softener and cellulose optical brightener. Measuring cup included!

ECOS Free & Clear is just as concentrated as regular ECOS, yet contains no fabric softener or brighteners. A good choice for people with strong sensitivities.

ECOS offers superb value and exceptional performance. Plant based ingredients and pH neutral. Great for front loaders and high efficiency machines. Can be used in gray water systems; septic system safe. Also comes in 100oz and 170oz sizes. A few versions are available in five gallon and 55 gallon sizes, too. Please see Links below.

Four versions to choose from: Lavender, Lemongrass, Magnolia & Lily and Free & Clear

Please click image to enlarge. Version shown is Free & Clear

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