ECOS™ Kitty Litter Treatment Spray - 22 oz

ECOS™ Kitty Litter Treatment Spray - 22 oz - with "foaming" nozzle eliminates odors from kitty urine and waste naturally instead of simply masking them! Made with powerful enzymes, our treatment will also extend the life and effectiveness of the litter, which saves you money! Traditional kitty litter treatment also contains powders that can create an aspiration hazard. When cats “paw” around in the litter and the dust kicks up, those powders can be inhaled. Our foaming spray technology coats & protects litter, without clumping. Especially useful in homes with multiple cats. 100% guaranteed and 100% plant-based! Hypoallergenic too, so it's great for cats with allergies. Why not try it today? You and your feline friend(s) will be glad you did! Honest! Includes pump foamer spray. Please see links at the bottom of this page for more natural order control products.

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