DuckŪ Brand Socket SealersŪ Insulating Seals

Electrical sockets and switch plates on the inside of exterior walls can be hidden sources of drafts that may lead to higher heating and cooling costs. DuckŪ Brand Socket SealersŪ Insulating Seals act as a buffer between your home's inside and the outdoor air, helping to keep conditioned air in and outside air out.

These seals are easily installed: Simply remove outlet or switch cover plate with screwdriver and place socket sealer behind the wall plate. For double or triple gang boxes, overlap and trim several gaskets to fit. Re-install outlet or switch plate cover and you're done!

Package contains 24 sealers: 16 outlet sealers, 6 toggle switche sealers and 2 decorative/GFI sealers. Please click images to enlarge. Small image shows back of box for additional info.

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Duck Brand Socket Sealers Insulating Seals (24 Pack) 3530-033$2.98, 2/$5.66, 6/$16.14, 12/$30.72, 48/$116.64

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