The Rainshower Crystal Ball 3000 Bath Dechlorinator

The Rainshow'r Crystal Ball 3000 Bath Dechlorinator is an entirely new concept in de-chlorinating bath water. The Crystal Bath Ball® contains a replaceable cloth pouch filled with extra fine KDF® (copper and zinc) filament and one ounce of high energy virgin American crystalline quartz. When water comes into contact with the filament, the chlorine ions in the water are converted into harmless chloride. During the five to eight minutes it takes to fill an average size tub, the agitation of the water flow and the movement of the The Crystal Bath Ball® as it is pulled through the water combine to remove up to 100% of the chlorine. The quartz reduces the surface tension of the water which allows enhanced sudsing. Works in tubs, baby baths, pails and other enclosed containers.

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Why run the risks of repeated exposure to chlorine needlessly? The Rainshower Crystal Ball 3000 Bath Dechlorinator effectively removes up to 100% of the chlorine normally present in your bath water. And it's so easy to use! Why wait when you can begin enjoying safer, healthier bathing today!? Please see links below for additional chlorine removal solutions and to find replacement pouches for the Crystal Ball 3000 units.

Green Power Features
  • An essential for baby's bath and Seniors
  • Provides relief from dry skin
  • Uses replaceable media pouches
  • Eliminates 100% of free chlorine
  • Reduces water's "surface tension," improving lathering and sudsing

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