Cotton Curtain - 59" x 66 "  (Short Tub Size) - Second

Our Cotton Canvas Curtains are reminiscent of the durable canvas tents of yesteryear! When used as a shower curtain, the natural fiber wicks water down into the tub while the tight weave provides an efficient barrier to splashes and the heaviest of sprays! But this custom size curtain can also be used in dozens of ways: window curtain, room divider, for retail store displays, craft or trade shows; you could even add a few more grommets and have yourself a nifty tarpaulin or tonneau cover!

Ever try washing the gunk off a vinyl curtain? Just throw our cotton curtain in the wash and hang up to dry. Any wrinkles will soon disappear.

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Why This Item Is A "Second": This curtain, hand sewn right here at our very own shop deep in the heart of Texas, is a "Second". Normally that means it has a minor flaw - In this case the curtain is perfectly fine. It's just an unusual size. For example, a normal "stall" size shower curtain is 48" x 72", so this curtain is 11" wider about 6" shorter. If it is used as a shower curtain, it will shrink up to a length of about 60 " after getting wet, or being washed in cold to warm water. The width (from side to side) will shrink very little. Most people would never notice this minor issue, but you can enjoy this great curtain at the fantastic discounted pricing shown below!

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Fabric Color & Grommet Note
  • Our "White Canvas" is hydrogen peroxide bleached natural cotton.
  • This Custom Size Curtain has 10 nickel grommets and needs 10 curtain hooks.

    Care Comments
  • Curtains are shipped oversized and will shrink to size after first washing.
  • Machine wash monthly: gentle cycle, cold or warm water, laundry detergents like Biokleen, ECOS or KD Gold.
  • Hang to dry (please avoid using machine dryers).

    Special "Seconds" Pricing
    This item normally sells for $49.00 or more in retail stores. Now reduced to just $18.95.

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    Cotton Curtain - 59" x 66 " - White, Nickel Grommets (Second) HC-CTMW-02N-2-Second$18.95

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