Clean, Efficient Electricity

Solutions Abound.

Whether you're talking about cars, planes or power plants, the one number reason for global warming and toxic pollution problems in the US is fuel supply.

When you're talking about environmental problems and energy, you're ultimately talking about fuel sources.... Aka, "Fuel supply." What fuel sources do we use to "make" our electricity. We need to use CLEAN fuel sources, right? -- not dirty fuel sources. That's Common Sense!

We also need to maximize efficiency to get the most from our fuel sources. Let's make these things as economically intelligent as possible. Why waste money? Also Common Sense, right?

The fuel sources we rely on in today's world still consist primarily of oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline. Is this because those fuel sources are better? "Don't they make a superior grade of power when burned?" ...


You can actually get the same high quality of power from a windmill, solar cell, ocean turbine, bio fuel, or hydrogen fuel that you're already used to. Your quality of power does not change when you use CLEAN fuel sources. Your quality of power will improve when you use efficient technologies, such as in the items we sell here. Clean and efficient "fuel supply" products exist on the market today. They are ready to go and cost competitive. Compared to the fossil fuels -- oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline -- CLEAN and efficient fuel sources have virtually no toxic, global warming, or dangerous effects on the environment.

So why aren't we using them?


People don't know that Rupert Diesel's first engines ran on corn and peanut oil. They don't know that windmills create eletricity for the same amount of money as coal -- "the cheapest fuel source on the market." They don't know that a high school student in California recently won $100,000 for his electricity producing, ocean turbine design, which was craftily salvaged from an old answering machine... This stuff is easy. And it's everywhere. Most people don't know that there's enough solar power in just a 12,000 square acre area of Nevada to power the entire United States, year round.

In short -- people don't know that we live in an era of solutions.

And that's one of our jobs here at Good Common Sense. We're excited about solving problems. We're excited about making it easy for you to make your life better.

Challenge #1: Pollution and Global Warming.

Solution #1: Clean, Efficient Power.

Good Common Sense.Net does not sell clean power at this time. We can only connect you to the people who do. We do sell efficiency products... We try to make them sexy, but alas, we've got a long way to go in that department. What we can tell you is this:

The most readily available resource for intelligent energy on the market today is Energy Efficiency -- and that's what we sell. "Use less, to make more" and realize the benefits. That's the reason we're here. Shop with us.


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