Chandler-Slack Yarn Duster 1195E

Chandler-Slack's Yarn Duster with extension handle 1195E provides excellent reach for those really high reach jobs. Capable of squeezing into narrow spots, grabbing dust like a magnet, and springing back to its original shape, these all-natural tools are unbeatable! Professional cleaners know nothing compares to real wool when it comes to picking up dust. Wool's natural lanolin combines with static electricity to pick up dust like a magnet. Plus, wool is super-soft, lifting and removing dust and debris without scratching or marring delicate surfaces. The best in the business! Ships with removable 48 extension handle featuring a durable threaded wool duster head for easy attachment.

Duster head is 12" (length), handle is 6", pole is 48".
Total extended length is 66.

$$+ Power Points
  • Easy to remove duster-head
  • Picks up dust like a magnet
  • Holds dust until shaken free
  • Total extended length of 66 inches
  • No application sprays or oils needed
  • Just a few spins of the handle clears the duster for future use
  • Head is removable and interchangeable with other Chandler-Slack mop/duster heads

    Eco Power Points
  • All natural, non-synthetic wool material
  • Wool is renewable and 100% biodegradable
  • Wool sourced from "extras" left over by the textile industry
  • Made in the USA

    Note: Chandler-Slack, a small family business in New England, donates 5% of all profits to Global Re-Leaf. Chandler-Slack has been producing premier all-natural mop products for over 80 years.

    the Chandler-Slack Yarn Duster requires a $14 Shipping & Handling charge (per unit), shipping anywhere in the continental US. Discounts available when ordered in quantity. Contact us with questions: (512) 789-4652.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Chandler-Slack Yarn Duster 1195E 1195E$24.95

  • Mops & Dusters (Wool, All-Natural)
    Mops & Dusters (Wool, All-Natural)

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