Chandler-Slack No Frame Mop

The Chandler-Slack No Frame Mop makes thorough cleaning at home and work easy. Capable of squeezing into spots as narrow as 2 inches wide yet spreading out to over 15 inches in diameter, the No Frame mop grabs dust like a magnet. Easily moves in and around furniture, suitable for a variety of dusting needs. Professional cleaners know nothing else compares to real wool. Wool's natural lanolin combines with static electricity to pick up dust more effectively than synthetic blends. All-natural and unbeatable! Super-soft, will not scratch or mar delicate surfaces.

Mop head is 15", Wooden handle is 48".

$$+ Power Points
  • Picks up dust like a magnet
  • Holds dust until shaken free
  • Mop head easy to remove and clean
  • No application sprays or oils needed
  • All natural, non-synthetic material, sustainably harvested
  • Head is interchangeable with other Chandler-Slack mop & duster heads

    Eco Power Points
  • Wool is 100% renewable and biodegradable
  • Wool sourced from "extras" left over by the textile industry
  • Made in the USA

    Note: Chandler-Slack, a small family business in New England, donates 5% of all profits to Global Re-Leaf. Chandler-Slack has been producing premium all-natural mop products for over 80 years.

    the Chandler-Slack Down-e Duster, long handle requires a $14 Shipping & Handling charge (per unit), shipping anywhere in the continental US. Discounts available when ordered in quantity. Contact us with questions: (512) 789-4652.

    Availability: Usually ships the next business day

    Chandler-Slack No Frame Mop 2110NF$21.95

  • Mops & Dusters (Wool, All-Natural)
    Mops & Dusters (Wool, All-Natural)

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