Boss Fireblock Draftstop Sealant Caulk 136 - 10.1oz

Boss Fireblock/Draftstop Sealant Caulk - ASTM E-136 - 03221PK10 is a one-part, noncombustible filler caulk that is ideal for residential construction and meets all sections of the newly adopted International Residential Building Code. Adhesion properties are superior to other products on the market - it sticks to the most common construction materials and is semi-flexible. Interior use only and is particularly suited for sealing walls and floors which have been penetrated by pipes, conduits or electrical cables in all types of construction and for filling interior voids around HVAC, plumbing and framing. Application is with a standard caulk gun or trowel, and clean up is with water. Color: Red Size: 10.1oz To see more caulking, fillers and/or spray foam air sealing options, please see links below.

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