Belkin F7C009 Energy Saving Outlet with Timer

The Belkin F7C009 Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet saves energy and reduces utility costs. How? Well, many devices still draw power and affect your home's overall energy usage when left plugged in, even when they're switched off! The Belkin Conserve Socket automatically shuts off power after the time interval you select, which also stops these "energy vampires" from sucking up power needlessly and at your expense. Please see links at the bottom on this page for more energy saving solutions.

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Green Power Features
  • Easy to start with a simple switch
  • Three easy timer settings: 30 minutes; 3 hours; or 6 hours
  • Safer home--automatically shuts off space heaters, curling irons, and more
  • Saves energy--completely cuts off power when set time expires.
  • Uses zero energy until start is hit

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    Belkin Conserve Socket Energy Saving Outlet w/Timer F7C009 5010-841$15.96, 2/$30.32, 6/$86.42

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